Healing involves using both sides of the brain. For example, selecting a surgeon includes logical research and following your "gut." We will offer resources to help!

I'm also passionate about exploring and sharing the best of Western Medicine  and alternative modalities as I credit the integrative approach for my success.

​My story is a “rough draft” as my brain is in progress.  I decided not to wait until I think I’m done healing to begin telling this story, but rather invite you along with me to learn about our brain’s incredible potential to heal and our resilience.

What I have learned about life after two brain surgeries, four brain bleeds and a concussion is that I survived to strive to live a life of joy and purpose. I won't pretend that it is easy or that I have not had dark days, but as long as I'm alive I have to climb towards the light. 

As a journalist/filmmaker I have spent my career sharing  incredible stories from around the world.  I'm now ready to start sharing my own in hope that we can heal together. 

Rough Draft